New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden named by U.S. Criminal Trial Attorney as a global conspirator with the WEF

Reiner Fuellmich, the lawyer who exposed VW for their fake diesel emissions data, is likely on a futile crusade due the huge task of finding unbiased or uncorrupted courts.

The interview below shows how the German courts reacted to him taking COVID cases through the judicial process.

Make no mistake this is a coordinated global effort by the WEF, but some countries are more intrenched in the Klaus Schwab doctrine than others.

Canada is probably Schwabs most infiltrated democracy and it’s getting to the point we have to ask who are these politicians really working for.

Those of you that followed the truckers protest in Ottawa are aware of the draconian efforts to stop descent that occurred in Canada.

Trudeau Enacted the emergencies act which is a law reserved for war time type moments. Now you can lose property if you go against the vaccine mandates.


Leading from the front in Canada’s legislation on being able to seize bank accounts etc is Chrystia Freeland. She is Canada’s minister of finance and deputy PM.

Not only is she very high up in the WEF being on the board of trustees but interestingly, her heritage is a direct link to the Nazi party with her grandfather being a high ranking Nazi. Freeland also has strong links to Ukraine.

While having a grandfather as a Nazi doesn’t make Freeland one. Her actions in the Ottawa protest make her someone cut from pure evil.

So while Reiner Fuellmich has a legal and scientific team that numbers in the thousands, where is he going to get an audience with a judge that will listen and also have authority to do anything about it.

Whilst it would be nice to see the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity have to answer to their wrong doings. It seems the task is greater than even this successful team of international lawyers will ever be able to see through.

Moving forward we should take note of which of these organisations our potential trial politicians are loyal to before voting for them.

Who wants WEF or U.N. Loyalists making decisions for our livelihoods.

Between the great reset and agenda 21 us plebs are not the ones that will be the winners.


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