New Zealand vaccine program criticised by viral immunologist

You have to wonder about our Covid response when a professor who’s job it is to help create vaccines says he wouldn’t take the current vaccine.

As you can probably guess he isn’t an anti vaccine alarmist. Dr.Byram Bridle is about as pro vaccine you could be, however he explains that if he were tasked to invent an experiment to foster variants of the current virus (ie mutations) that would be immune to the vaccine. Then exactly how we are responding to the Covid 19 pandemic is how that experiment would go.

Well done Michael Baker, Siouxsie Wiles and our team of response “experts” you have outdone yourselves.

I guess that’s what happens when your team of advisors are clearly out of their depth.

Where is the media on this?

The facts on the vaccine roll out based on the testimony of a very highly regarded viral immunologist are as follows.

  • The testing phase of the vaccine we are being given is due to complete in 2023
  • The vaccine only works on a single protein making it highly likely to have low ongoing efficacy.
  • Currently the available data has the vaccine lasting 3 months. (Due to the fact the proper testing hasn’t been able to be completed yet.)
  • The data available has the efficacy of the vaccine as low as 19% due to excluding large amounts of test patients with Covid like symptoms from the data. It well may be much higher but we don’t have the data.
  • Those that are susceptible to allergies should not take the vaccine
  • Natural immunity from catching the virus is a better option for immunity than taking the Pfizer vaccine given 99% of us are not at risk.
  • The big one is that the vaccine will likely make us more susceptible to the natural variants of Corona viruses down the track

The good news is, as time goes on we will develop better vaccines but the warning to New Zealand is we are at risk of having to isolate ourselves away from the rest of the world as we have gone down the vaccine route and not natural herd immunity.

It will be interesting to hear the opinions of other actual virologists and immunologist rather than our response team. But this is a real eye opener that the media are avoiding, apart from Peter Williams.

Posting interview with DR. Byram Bridle again below.

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