New Zealander of the year doesn’t know how to apologise

Fighting fire with fire is the political way and given the time frames between the accusations and the response, it would seem there has been at least a few PR strategy sessions to work out her best response.

Obviously there is no misinformation about what happened. A video showed exactly what took place.

She can spin it any way she wants. However, the articles published in so called “right wing blogs” say she was 5 km from her home, which she doesn’t disagree with.

She was with someone who doesn’t live with her, again she admits this. Her story that she has an extended bubble is something that begs the question, how many bubbles does she have exactly. I thought the point of lockdown was to not intermingle?

They are friends who cycle together, hang out and spend time together outside of lock downs. Seems that it was more like two friends catching up for a dip , a bit more than a convenient joining of bubbles, but we may never know.

What I do know is I have friends too, ones that I play music with, friends that I work with and friends that live alone. But because of lock down we don’t go and sit on the beach and go for a swim. We don’t go play music together. and we certainly don’t tell everyone what to do in lock down and then claim the video showing us not doing what what we advise is misinformation.

I would suggest the video and the articles are more bang on the money than not. It just goes to show how political these clowns really are.

Speaking of misinformation, where is that video of Dr Wiles disproving the inaccuracy of PCR tests, something that now, the majority of scientists agree that the PCR tests are quite fallible.

The reality is I don’t disagree that she should be able to do these things, but her role advising the Prime Minister and telling us all not to do exactly what she did makes the claim its misinformation shows the true nature of these hypocrites.

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