New Zealand’s climate hoax

James Shaw skips MIQ and goes straight home after returning from a covid hotspot, why? Well, because he is just another entitled snake oil salesman Twat who thinks his quest to make New Zealand’s emissions lower gives him special privileges.

Flying himself and an entourage of cling-ons around the world to speak to a virtually empty room on how much better we will be at reducing emissions is as laughable as New Zealand emissions and why he spoke to an empty room. The only takeaway for James was a “how dare you” squarely directed at James Shaw from the global sensation that is The Greta. Blaming farmers is all Shaw could do because apparently it’s all about Methane now.

CO2 is so 2019.

Anyone who wants some education on methane can read an earlier rant below

What James forgets, ignores or downright lies about is our farming, and particularly beef farming is not the global warming inducing activity that needs to be hurriedly replaced with a bill Gates fully vaccinated vege burger.

It is a healthy co2 balance if you take the farming activity as a whole into account. Intense farming for beef or dairy sees an average of about 1 cow per acre. I’m no farmer so feel free to correct my numbers here

4000 m2 of grass land will provide CO2 sequestration of 4 ton per year. All gobbled up by the cow. In turn the cow will expel some methane which will oxidise after 12 years and turn into c02 and H2O.

That’s right cow farts last 12 years in the atmosphere. Unlike CO2 which stays around (until used for growing a plant again). The infinitesimally small amount of CH4 that escapes into the atmosphere, doesn’t even hang around forever.

If you read the methane story above you will understand just how little methane is created here in little old NZ or in fact that makes up the atmosphere globally.

James Shaw is just full of it when he suggests Farmers aren’t pulling their weight.

So you can kick cows off a farm, sell the land to a foreign organisation who plants a whole lot of Radiata Pine (classified as a noxious weed) and they get a carbon credit.

A fully grown Forrest will do a good job of removing CO2 out of the atmosphere however, the carbon credit of the CO2 that goes into growing grazing paddocks should not be ignored.

A cow will munch away on grass that removed 4 tons of C02 out of the atmosphere and give back 100 kilo of methane. Methane is meant to be 25 times worse than CO2 at warming. (totally unproven hypothesis on either but let’s run with that)

25 x 100kg = 2.5 ton equivalent that lasts for 12 years versus 4 ton of CO2 that has been turned into burgers. Do farmers get a carbon credit for that. No they get taxed.

So where is New Zealand’s increasing carbon footprint coming from then?

Our total emissions is 78.9 million ton of greenhouse gasses. So let’s give ourselves a carbon credit for growing grazing grasses. About 38% of nz land mass is in pasture. that is 268,000 square kilometres multiplied by 38%, which equals 101,840 square kilometres. 1,000 m2 of grass will absorb 1 ton of carbon. That gives us 101,840,000 of CO2 sequestration. Dairy and beef and all agriculture make up 48.1% of our emissions.

Total emissions = 78.9 million ton

Agriculture at 48.1 = 38 million ton

CO2 absorbed by grassland = 101.8 million

So 38 million – 101.8 million is -74.2 million

Below negative emissions

The increase in our carbon footprint comes from our growing reliance on burning coal from Indonesia for energy and the amount of cars and trucks on the road.

40.7% of our emissions come from energy use. However there is no conveniently forgotten carbon absorbing grassland attributed to those emissions.

But it is simply easier to blame the farmers even though James Shaws cohort to the COP26 expanded our carbon footprint more than any modern farmer.

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