New Zealand’s economy will continue to be volatile for some time but it is travelling in the right direction, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson says.

Really Grant? Is that the best spin you got? We’re heading for a double dip recession!

The underlying economy metrics aren’t too flash despite some businesses doing very well at the moment…

Number of people on Main Benefit Assistance

June 2020 – 353, 440

Sep 2020 – 369,300

Dec 2020 – 389, 500 (rep 12.4% of working pop)

Jobseeker Support

June 2020 – 190,456

Sep 2020 – 204,116

Dec 2020 – 212,468 (rep 6.8% of working pop)

Source: MSD

Seems the media & die hard Labour voters don’t like to talk about these numbers… probably because they have their snout in the Labour handout trough & die hard Labours voters would rather look the other way!

Finance Minister Grant Robertson. Photo / Mark Mitchell

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