New Zealand’s Fauci is a Polyepiconomist?

Is he a Medical Practitioner, an economist, a leading epidemiologist or a politician.

It seems he may be a jack of all and master of none. That is if you can trust Wikipedia and the info that is publically available about the man.

Having studied at medical school, he left after qualifying as a GP to be an advisor to the minister of health. So he isn’t a medical practitioner.

Which minister of health he advised is hard to say but I’m sure some further digging could reveal whom, I would hazard a guess a labour MP. As straight from school into politics is the typical labour way.

Apart from the minimal level to be calling yourself a Dr. with a Batchelor Degree in surgery and Medicine he also has a diploma in Public Health. This is where the field of epidemiology is located. One can study this to a masters degree or higher qualification such as a PhD, or one can do the bare minimum and get a diploma by not studying further epidemiology courses. The irony here I’m sure is not lost on many. Our top epidemiologist didn’t even complete the epidemiology part of public health qualifications.

Again, if Wikipedia can be believed, and Dr. baker is more than welcome to let us know if our Top” Epidemiologist has more than a diploma in epidemiology. But he potentially has more strings to his bow.

Lately he is commenting on the Great Economic Reset. So, is he an economist? he certainly has something to say about the “Great Reset” however I doubt we can really call him an economist, but given he is our top epidemiologist we may as well let him be called one.

He certainly is a political figure, this sudden move from his journey to being an actual Dr. but going straight into politics after qualifying, means he may have better info than most economists have anyway.

Perhaps he is like fauci just without the full qualifications.

David Seymour said it best when he called our Covid response team a group of highly political health advisors.

Take Siouxsie Wiles. Just at home growing her profile on YouTube as playing with bioluminescence bacteria, she is competing with the WHO as to who can provide more misinformation on PCR tests. Her hair colour may provide some insight into her political leaning, but who knows for sure these days.

But back to the man of the moment, Maybe Dr. Baker has more training than what the interweb can share with us right now. If so, I encourage him to let us know what his relevant training is above a diploma… in Public Health.

Otherwise we should know him as our top polyepiconomist

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