News in brief

Kelvin Davis is a Twat of the highest order. Showing just how righteous the left are, the green eyed Maori accuses another Maori of being less Maori because she is in a different party to him. True colours on display there.

The EU is planning on punishing Russia for blowing up its own pipeline. Add this to Russia shelling a nuclear power station it is occupying and the Donbas has been shelling itself for the past 8 years. And they wonder why we don’t believe their propaganda. In case anyone is confused who did it… the USA Navy was in the area and they even did a practice run a few months ago

Willie Jackson claims that they need to merge RNZ with TVNZ because people don’t trust the media anymore.

The UK has lost the plot with its attempts to fight inflation by giving tax cuts and spending more. The pound continues to slide south.

More news on the UK as the tabloids tell us tactical nuclear weapons can be used to “calm down” the tensions in the Ukraine Russia NATO war.

Biden senior moments has him looking for dead people in the audience. Biden’s administration and the deep state actors really in charge are the most dangerous administration ever in the Modern US era. And they still want to blame Trump for everything.

Kamal Harris thanks North Korea confusing the nation with South Korea. Showing just how much she and bumbling Biden are just puppets for a more nefarious leadership behind the scenes. This is why an emboldened DOJ and Feds are doing what they are to Trump and his allies, not to mention Alex Jones and the show trials.

Germany is totally screwed now and it is at the hands of one if it’s allies, which has to be the most egregious state enacted act of terrorism in a long long time.

Food shortages are coming but Bill Gates is going to save us all with “magic seeds’ what could go wrong?


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