Newshub’s poll goes bad for Jacinda, so they close it

Ardern lapdogs Newshub ran a poll on the budget, compete with glowing pictures of Jacinda and her pudgy little Treasurer (see the huge plate of sausage rolls) and in the text a reminder of the difficulties governing under Covid19.

In a matter of no time, it was running bad for Jacinda, and almost immediately showed 79% thumbs down and a corresponding 21% thumbs up.

Word got around about the poll, and people went there to add their bit, but found out it was closed. Yep, they couldn’t vote because the voting had ended.

Guess the Ardern sycophants at Newshub, all those pathetic little progressive feminist activists who pose as journalists, were filling their pants at the thought it may get even worse if they allowed it to go all day.

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