Next Weeks Quiz

Question 1

Parliament is due to re-sit for 2021.  With no borders open, no vaccine, limited foreign receipts.  Parliament is reconvening to….

  1. Justify the salaries they are all receiving, but doing nothing
  2. Talk about lots of things they would like to do,  and do nothing
  3. Shuffle paper around their desks and do nothing
  4. Any other possible reason that ultimately ends in – do nothing

Question 2

UK observers of NZ’s Covid situation, and the US issues with Trump, observed that Conspiracy Theories abound when

  1. One country or state is doing something about something and your country is doing nothing
  2. The state engages in ‘spin’ to create a perception of motion and action but is actually doing nothing
  3. The citizens of a nation have been raised in, or are just in, an intellectual vacuum, and are led by a Government who can get away with doing nothing
  4. The citizens and politicians in a country are so self-obsessed they accept that doing nothing is in fact doing something

Question 3

Recently it has been suggested that MIQ be moved from Auckland.  The Minister gave as reasons not to do so as, the availability of staff resources, the close proximity of separate quarantine facilities and hospitals.

His argument is flawed as…

  1. Wellington has an International airport and hotels that can be used for MIQ
  2. Wellington has extra hotels that can be used or set up for medical quarantine
  3. Wellington has two hospitals and workers that can work in MIQ facilities
  4. Wellington has no other real use in reality, and this would give it a raison-d’etre other than be the home of the ferry terminal and a large collective of expensive beneficiaries

Question 4

NZ has paid millions of dollars to get to the front of the vaccine queue.  The Covid minister recently advised there would likely be longer and harsher Level 4 lockdowns if the disease gets through the border….

  1. Or we will all immediately get the vaccine we have purchased through our taxes, open the borders, and commence paying off the borrowings of 2020
  2. Or as promised in April 2020 we have now had a year to streamline treatment processes and increase ventilator numbers and resource our hospitals to better manage an outbreak, in conjunction with all immediately getting the vaccine we have purchased through our taxes, opening the borders and commence paying off the borrowings of 2020
  3. Or we will do and have done NOTONEFUCKINGTHING you sheep.

Question 5

Off the top of your head which of the following random, non-descript names is a US President?

  1. William Harrison
  2. John Tyler
  3. Rutherford Hayes
  4. James Munro

(Hint; 3 letter word starting with A and ending in LL: A.. of them)

(DT will not doubt be forever grateful that Pelosi, Pence and all the other simple folk chiselled his name in US history)

Question 6

The government is continuing in its commitment to revise and extend the definitions of ‘Hate’ speech and place further restrictions on ‘Free’ speech

In general such actions are seen as

  1. Further moves towards complete Social and Political oppression ending in a dictatorship
  2. Taking ‘Woke Crappism’ and ‘Political Correctness’ to their  ultimate zenith
  3. It is what a government does when it has got no idea of what else to do
  4. Is it something to do, to convince your citizens you are clueless and are in motion but in truth you are DOING NOTHING
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