No country is united by division

Putting aside the argument that is, are Maori even able to be called indigenous people?

We have laws being pushed through that will change the very fabric of our society.

The fact that a few elites are pushing a wedge through our community, one so deep that it will only leave a bitter and distrusting society, is something that needs to be stopped.

The indigenous peoples blueprint is a UN driven atrocity. it promotes division and resentment.

We already know the UN is not fit for purpose and now we are to watch while a bunch of unelected failed politicians help map out the destruction of any hope of unity we have left in New Zealand.

Whilst this was started under John Key’s government allowing Peter Sharples to sign us up to the indigenous peoples declaration, it is Labour that is trying to steamroll through a new version of apartheid.

Initially hidden from view and denied when questioned, we are now being convinced, with baby steps such as 3 waters and the indigenous rights blue print, that New Zealand would be better off with a co governance and eventually a complete two tier society.

The real sickening part of this is it is only the Maori elite and their hangers on that stand to benefit. These spoils that end up from self governance and separatism won’t trickle down to the average Maori.

The Maori that aren’t in the inner circle of the politicians, so called intellectuals and activists, will just get to watch their superior whanau drive nicer cars and buy better houses.

This is a power grab for those poor unfortunate souls like Willy Jackson who has been so repressed by the nasty immigrants who stole his childhood. Oh how you have been down trodden Willy.

A bit of rewritten history and some help from the globalists and the white scum and all that followed must now pay for the sins of our fathers.

The media are silent on all this as they are contractually obliged to support the division being bestowed upon us.

Part of the bail out money for the media included not writing anything that painted the treaty of Waitangi as anything other than a partnership document and that therefore co governance is a good thing.

Has anyone seen the word partnership in the treaty? Seems they did a pretty good job of stating it was anything but a partnership. It was a ceding of all property to the queen in return for her protection.

Many Maori had good reason to sign, given they were inferior to more aggressive tribes and the lawlessness of raids and intertribal fighting was something they would like stopped.

512 chief signed the treaty.

But this is all lost in translation now

We are having our history rewritten to suit a power grab, plain and simple

The evil white man banned the Maori from speaking their language is one of the rewritten aspects of our history.

Somewhere it has been forgotten it was the maori who came up with that legislation. To protect their children from being left behind in a world where the importance of speaking English was deemed paramount, by Maori elders no less.

Anyway out of all the shite things labour has failed at, let’s not make this a distraction for the one thing they must fail at. And that is their attempts at creating a class system in NZ.

It is time for us to unite, not legalise racism.

No one is saying that in the past there were not things done that were not right. But does that mean the future being carved out for us with the co governance model is justified?

If you want a bit of history on NZ, stuff that has been a bit reinvented over the years, then here is a good resource

In this section it gives the facts on why te reo was forbidden to be spoken in schools. Quite logical when you think about it…logically. Something the Maori did very well back then.

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