No Evidence of Fraud?

Next time someone suggests there is nothing to see because CNN told them so……show them this….

“…a significant portion of the public does not believe that the November 3, 2020, presidential election was fairly conducted. Once again, four justices on this court cannot be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast.””…four members of this court throw the cloak of laches over numerous problems that will be repeated again and again, until this court has the courage to correct them.” – Patience Drake Roggensack, Wisconsin Supreme Court CHIEF Justice.

The state’s ruling against President Trump is “…doomed to create chaos, uncertainty undermine confidence and spawn needles litigation. This is not the rule of law; it is the rule of judicial activism through inaction.” – Annette Kingsland Ziegler, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

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