No Jab No Entry continued

Over the last few days I have read many businesses intend not to deal with me if I am not vaccinated or prepared to disclose my vaccination status.  In the course of my business I spend around $15K a year on client benefits.  In the main I am very happy not to give clowns that take this position my money, but in light of the uneducated wokeness of this position I looked up the following.


Section 273 Crimes Act 1961

(a) to cause the person to whom the threat is made to act in accordance with the will of the person making the threat; a

   (b) to obtain any benefit or to cause loss to any other person.

Every one who acts in the manner described in subsection (1) is guilty of blackmail, even though that person believes that he or she is entitled to the benefit or to cause the loss, unless the making of the threat is, in the circumstances, a reasonable and proper means for effecting his or her purpose.

In this section and in section 239benefit means any benefit, pecuniary advantage, privilege, property, service, or valuable consideration.

 I guess I will just get the local station officer to give me a stack of criminal complaint forms

Schmee – the class Act!

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