No ‘secret agenda’ about The Great Reset

Sky News host Rowan Dean says there is no “secret agenda” about World Economic Forum’s Great Reset – they are shouting it from the rafters. “This is the plan by the World Economic Forum to encourage governments to use all the levers they use during lockdown, enforced business closures, 23 hour lockdowns, restricting how far you can go from your home and ridiculously aggressive policing tactics, in order to tackle climate change,” Mr Dean said. “The Guardian last week ran a lengthy and to be frank fairly tedious article by someone I’d never heard of called Anne Davies attacking me for ‘spreading conspiracy theories’ about the Great Reset, accompanied by a photo of myself looking suitably deranged and unhinged. “I have only ever repeated the words of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, the words of Prince Charles, the words of the head of the United Nations Guterres and many other very powerful and influential individuals who insist we must go straight from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns.”

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