No Tomorrows

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – ‘hell-bent on being ‘nice’ … and ‘spending like there are no tomorrows?

This nation is on a slippery slope of political correctness, along with an inevitable economic and democratic decline, driven by a Marxist woman hell-bent on being ‘nice’ instead of running our country’s economy, along with spending like there are no tomorrows.

Instead of promoting a united voice involving all our citizens, with equal voice and opportunity for all, based not on race but on personal effort and individual motivation (the underlying reason why anybody succeeds or fails), we see an ever-increasing racial divide based on a historic lie.

Its really the old story of ‘If you repeat a lie often enough it will take on a truth of its own,’ and to my great regret it seems to be working, and we are all the poorer for it.

Jacinda, in the meantime, is doing what every Labour government has always done – spending until it’s all gone, the latest being increasing the minimum wage and increasing sick leave, all whilst the ship is sinking under a debt burden unseen in living memory, in a politically- and ideologically-driven effort to level a playing field that can never be levelled due to a quite natural diversity of personal aspirations and cultural beliefs and objectives. There is nothing wrong with that… it’s what makes us a diverse yet interesting structured society.

I am, I suspect, along with others, tired of being labelled racist as an all-catching excuse for endless claims of an alleged lack of equality in our society, which Jacinda appears to want to overcome by taxing the more motivated and industrious.

Yet the party in New Zealand continues like there were no dark clouds on our national horizon, whilst unemployment increases and places like Queenstown are crumbling, with boarded-up shops in Queen St Auckland and elsewhere.

I well remember the old saying when I worked in the Labour Department office in Auckland decades ago, ‘When your neighbour is unemployed it’s a recession, and when you are unemployed it’s a depression.’ Perhaps greater unemployment might finally expose the fragile economic truth confronting us all.

It has not hit home in New Zealand society (yet), but in my view it will, and the piper will eventually have to be paid, yet our society appears blind to what is going on around us.

I had one year nine months’ education, leaving school at 15 unable to write effectively and barely print. Thankfully, over a lifetime, I managed to overcome my profoundly humble beginnings, obtained a commercial pilot’s licence, and ultimately went into construction and subdivision without any background at all in those endeavours.

The harder I worked the luckier I got, our family working for decades whilst others were sleeping.

No one in New Zealand appears to be willing to simply tell it as it is. They are all too frightened of being labelled racist or whatever. Thus the corruption of our society continues its slide into a socialist politically correct oblivion, from which in my view there is no escape.

Trying to legislate equality is like trying to stop the tide coming in with a bucket.

Your editorial efforts to hold on to a democratic right (That which divides us, December 1) should make national headlines.

By Rob Sintes

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