No wonder it wasn’t that funny

The don’t look up movie wasn’t really about an asteroid. It was a dig at the so called lack of concern about global warming of the Republican Americans.

To really make you want to vomit into your tea cup, look at the inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. C

None other than climate Fraud Michael Mann. For some perspective however, DiCaprio did a great job of playing Frank Abagnale one of the greatest fraudsters of all time. so perhaps it is apt that Mann was the inspiration. After all it was a comedy.

Meryl Streep did a great job of playing a female Donald Trump. As something of an over privileged person herself, she no doubt hardly needed to act at all.

Spoiler alert – the movie predictably ends in the total destruction of the earth because of the greed on the one hand, and misinformation about the reality of is their really an emergency.

Can’t wait for a movie about Biden, his administration and the 2020 election to come out.

No doubt it will be under the high crime section but how could it be anything but a comedy of errors.

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