Norwegian’s Would

Some Scientists from Norway have said we are too far gone and we should have stopped emissions in the 60’s and 70’s.

The challenge with this is in the 60’s and 70’s scientists were predicting an ice age and wanted to paint the ice black to avoid cooling. Even Mick Jagger and Keith Richards threw their support behind these initiatives with their popular 1966 song release.

The other challenge is time travel is well behind schedule in its invention, although technically it shouldn’t really matter when time travel is invented.

So, with the upcoming release of a vaccine for Covid 19 which has a 90% success rate, we can get on with worrying about climate change – again.

However, if Covid has a IFR rate of 0.3% and the vaccine is 90% effective does this mean we can expect an increase in fatalities now we don’t need to worry about it anymore?

So we are 60 years too late according to the latest batch of computer programmers from Norway.

I love how we live by the models now, Covid was meant to kill 80,000 Kiwis, the sea will rise 3 meters by 2,500 and if I ate less worked out more and spent more time travelling I may have married Claudia Schiffer. Although I’m not sure I’m using my computer models right.

I’m waiting for scientists to come out and say, “hang on, we have a computer model that says everything is ok but be careful of progressives and their desire to take us back to the dark ages.”

There actually is but of course they don’t make the news.

Funny how the new normal is very much like the old normal just more normaller.

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