Not Green enough, not Red enough or is he now just a Stale Pale Male?

An ex leader of the Green Party thinks it may be that James Shaw isn’t Green enough. I doubt that, let us visit some of the reasons why James maybe in the process of being sliced out of the leadership.

There is a popular member who is now in contention for leadership due to an amendment in the Greens constitution. The wonder kid who won Auckland Central.

I would love to know if anyone has asked Chloe Swarbrick that question that the woke fear more than any other…. What is a women?

It would be an interesting one given the likely appointment of Swarbrick as co leader of the Green Party in the near future, and more so, the way that this reality has come to be possible.

The Green’s constitution used to demand a male and a female leader, but those rules just don’t fly in the ultra woke world of the Greens no more. In an attempt to be woke the Early Greens of yesteryear made this rule of a co-leadership to represent men and women. In what can only be deemed a moment of “are you woke enough,” an amendment was made to the constitution that it’s all about what you identify as, rather than the biological reality of your gender. Thus paving the way for any combination of leadership based on what the potential leader identifies as.

To the best of my understanding Chloe is a women however, I believe Chloe is neither a man nor a women in her own opinion, and so can presumably slot in as a co leader regardless of her biological hardware. Or the sex of the other co leader (should they have one).

Those with a little perception saw the move as the danger zone for James Shaw. Why have a pale male as a co leader (even if he has two mums) when you can have the ideological trifecta for the duo being Brown, LGBQT and Non Gender.

Nothing says we are in the real world than the Greens view on Global issues eh?

So the membership has no challenge with Marama Davidson being a co-leader. Even though her work ethic means she is officially the highest paid beneficiary ever.

The most effective a politician can be on issues that move them is to get a ministerial role. Davidson has two, Minister for Family and Sexual Violence Reduction, and Associate Minister for Child Poverty Reduction.

Davidson’s portfolios are two important and topical portfolio’s. With Child Poverty charities saying it has never been so bad and Domestic violence statistics at shocking levels and only increasing, over 4% per year under Davison’s watch, you would expect her to be hard at it relying to change this trend.


You could hardly call it under “her watch” though. Below is Davidson’s parliamentary diary as a minister with two portfolios

This year she has ten items in her diary so far (its only 7 months in admittedly), all bar one being phone calls to two Maori Radio stations, the other checking in over zoom to the Maori interest in fisheries. (Perhaps she mistook them for the local fish and chip shop).

So it obviously isn’t Mariana’s work ethic and drive to solve the issues she is best placed to make a meaningful change in that has kept her with the full support of the Green Membership. What attributes are keeping her in the job?

But back to James and the colours in question

I don’t think James isn’t Green enough, this is an attribute that long seized to be a required atribute to be a Green Party member. The Greens are to the environment as a fish is to a bicycle.

I doubt it is the colour red either, but definitely more likely than Green given the true colour of the watermelon party. He is a minister in the most tyrannical Socialist Government New Zealand has seen, at least since we broke the shackles of the state owned nation NZ was up till the end of the 1970’s. So I think red seems to be bright enough in his make up.

One Thing happened to James in May this year…

James Shaw turned 49 in May, which means he is in his 50’th year. Oh dear! That puts him squarely in the “Stale” basket, if you add that to his other two obvious attributes, being Pale and unfortunately for James, he has admitted to being Male. And that is the trifecta of death for an organisation so Woke that they think they are saving the planet by having an afternoon nap.

James Shaw is a “Pale Stale Male” and under the new definition a “Boomer” to boot and needs to go. And what better replacement than all that defines the modern Woke. Pre “Boomer” (even if they don’t quite understand what one is) gender Neutral Socialist Woke upstart. 



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