Not Long Ago I Was Considered A Nutty Conspiracy Theorist, Now It’s Happening!

People have been ridiculed, laughed at & even banned from social media sites for talking about this & now here it is! A Swedish company has created an under skin microchip to carry Covid passports in users arms.

Sound good to you?

2016 this Microsoft backed site has been planning this…… Also backed by GAVI, a Vax company & used to have Rothchilds name but has since been removed!

So the masses have been fooled into an irrational fear of Covid with its average age of death being 82yrs old & if you do catch it you are doomed with a more than 99% chance of survival, this was always the end goal, the illusion of safety! Some call it the Mark Of The Beast, which has been I print for a few thousand years! The gregarious nature of Russell Brand is perfect to spell out this rather disturbing future the elites have planned for you & I. Will the masses wake up in time? Or will they be so brain washed that they beg for to be controlled?

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