Nothing says safe and effective as a 25% rise in Cardiac Arrest

Latest study in Israel, based on emergency services, shows a 25% increase in Cardiac Arrest (CA) and Accuse Cardiac Syndrome (ACS) in the months of January to May 2021 as compared to the 2019 -2020 average. By contrast, the trial “did not detect a statistically significant association between the COVID-19 infection rates and the CA and ACS weekly call counts.”

The increase in cases of cardiac arrest in young adults has been published in Nature. It is based on emergency call out data. No statistical increase was detected from infections of the virus.

The gas lighting that has been going on with the myocarditis being more prevalent in infections versus vaccinations is now showing to be just a dirty dishonest deflection away from criticism of the untested serum.

Safe and Effective is not something you will hear passing a politicians lips much anymore.

The insurance company’s are seeing triple the payouts in non Covid life insurance payments. Mortality is up, again for no Covid causes. And all we hear is sudden and unexpected deaths and Doctors are puzzled.

No wonder there is a gas shortage with the amount of deception going on.


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