Novavax applies for approval in NZ

Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Novavax not approved for use ‘anywhere in the world at the moment’

Reading between the lines, our hapless health boss Bloomfield seems to be pouring cold water on this happening in the near future.

Happy to force people to take medication they don’t want but not too keen to give them what they want.

The argument that it is untested seems a little odd, given how quickly the Pfizer jab was rolled out whilst it is still to complete its long term health effects trial. But hey I guess they are just looking after our best interests .

Sarcasm aside, this would be a great way to show that you haven’t quite become the power hungry tyrannical dictators that you are and approve a vaccine that many people want. Or can’t we be trusted?

Given the way northland was plunged into level 3 for daring to ask the fuhrer questions on the vaccine, I doubt they really care what we think or want.

As leaked documents show the level of control Pfizer has over the Governments that signed contracts with it, it would seem it is likely Pfizer that is tasked with if we are allowed to use Novavax.

It would seem that Pfizer would rather provide the card below rather than another Vaccine muscle if in on it’s turf

In an interview on ZB, Bloomfield explained to Mike Hosking that Novavax hasn’t been approved anywhere yet, but it has just been approved in Indonesia under the brand name Covavax.

Maybe a trip to Bali is in order

Be kind and check in with one other. No doubt many of you are no at loggerheads with loved ones and friends over your vaccine status. Just remember you are not alone.

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