Now it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated.

This is what some virus experts where warming of.

Dr Robert Malone is a vaccine inventor who was a big part of creating mRNA vaccines such as the Pfizer vaccine.

He has a stark warning

Watch this video linked here

Dr. Robert Malone: There’s pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is caused from toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is how big is that subset and how bad and broad are those toxicities? The honest truth is we don’t know and furthermore there is a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us… I have colleagues in the government who were aware and were months before the toxicity was disclosed that the toxicity was an issue… They are finding that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events… My senior colleagues at the FDA have known that this was the case for months… we have multiple signs that the CDC is editing this data in support of this noble lie…

At the end of the interview he mentions that we would expect a lot of adverse reactions now, after 6 months from the initial roll-out because the immunity conferred by the injections is waning. Under those circumstances people are ripe to be affected by Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) also called pathogenic priming. This is what we would expect. As a result we can now expect massive numbers to start dying off from 6 months after they were given their injection.

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