Now they are coming for you

Empowered and out to punish those that dared.

Dared to do what? To not hate Trump from the start.

Trump will likely be the only president to not only have impeachment commenced before he took office but it looks like he will be impeached after he has left office.

The Democrats and their fellow swamp creatures in the Republican Party are so determined to erase any legacy Trump may leave behind, that that are coming for any who didn’t denounce the evil Orangeman.

There is talk of cleansing his supporters, having reprogramming camps and punishing people, including the rats that left the ship. There crime is once supporting him and don’t think leaving the sinking ship will help you.

Families members who don’t share the same hate for the man have become estranged, and why?

Simple, Trump was an outsider and threatened the lucrative ways of the politician and their helpers.

The media, aided by politicians, started a character assassination of the man. Manipulating footage to display him as a racist, evil and nasty man.

There is a saying that Trump is not the politician that lied the most but the politician that was most most lied about. And boy was he lied about.

But people bought the lies and the hate grew into a frenzy of derangement that even became known as TDS.

It has reached around the globe where by not hating Trump has even caused untold angst in my own family.

Any debate turns nasty and I get compartmentalised into a group or racist loving morons.

He is seen as pure evil and must be stopped. They won’t hear of any thing that he did that may have improved life in America. The increase in income, the economy and the steps to improve life just get shot down with sound bytes that you can tell which media they have recently watched by what arguments the repeat.

I have no issue with people who like politicians I don’t agree with and I’ll often agree that some of them have done good even though I’d rather see the back of them.

I once cleared a room by saying I like Trump. It was a birthday party and everyone went home. You would be more welcome if you mistakenly thought the party was fancy dress and turned up as Hitler.

For all you Trump haters, it’s ok to dislike the man, but how about dropping the sanctimony and nastiness. You are just doing what you accuse Trump of doing which is hating someone because of their beliefs.

They are now shutting down Trump by silencing him. Whilst the likes of OJ Simpson, tyrannical leaders of repressed nations and pedophiles still have active social media accounts, Trump does not.

People are quick to point at the gathering in the capital as good reason to de platform him. They seem to have forgotten all the support from politicians that the countless days of deadly riots that occurred throughout last year received. These were justified movements apparently, but Trumps peaceful gathering that got an unfortunate number of agitators that ruined it requires this silencing? Even though he denounced the violence…. really?

It is derangement sorry. The legacy of Trump for me is my parents have lost all of what little respect they obviously had for me.

Visits to take the grandchildren around to their grandparents had become one of treading on egg shells and desperately avoiding politics as a discussion.

Unfortunately we stumbled into a climate change discussion recently, one which I am very well versed in and I got equally shot down in flames.

I got hit with Trump this and your obviously an idiot that, all because I had data that didn’t back up their beliefs.

But Trump hasn’t driven a wedge through my family. The media has. One day I will no doubt talk with them again and our political differences, rather than being healthily and intelligently debated, will need to become moot points or we will never talk again.

Perhaps I have already been disowned as there has been no communication since the last get together.

The media have a lot to answer for. If they just reported the news rather than making the news, regardless of how dishonest? How fake and deceptive it is. Then the world would be a happier place.

Stuff news in New Zealand refuses to print anything that may go against the anthropogenic climate change narrative. Other fields, regardless of their qualifications, get removed off social media if they have opinions on subjects like COVID-19 that differ to the political ones. Even the top respected scientists get told to shut up.

Let’s look in history at similar scenarios.

Although Galileo wasn’t the first to suggest the world isn’t flat, he still ended his life under house arrest and was even punished posthumously by being given a small grave well away from his family. Why? Well because this great scientist said the world is not the centre of the universe.

One man, who dared to be different and used his intelligence and inventions to alert us that our beliefs were misgiven. How many of Galileo’s social media accounts would be deleted if it was now days.

But back to Trump. If you believe in his policies you are labeled an alt right white supremacist, even if you are an African American. Just ask Candace Owens.

One of the planet b team got a 30 day ban on Facebook for simply having a conversation about Trump last night.

So ask yourself who are the tyrannical ones?

Even free speech advocates are supporting the silencing of Trump and his millions of supporters.

What ever happened to I might not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it?

There are things I didn’t like about Trump but I’m sure many of you married ones out there would agree there are many things you don’t like about your partner. Will you delete them out of your social media accounts for it?

I guess that’s what divorce is for. But Trump supporters are not married to the man they just agree with his policies. Remember those things that politicians are meant to do, come up with policy and emolument them. Not spend 4 years doing nothing but trying to remove your adversary

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