Nz to Borrow $4.5 million to give to Ukraine

I wonder who’s off shore bank account that money will end up in.

Certainly won’t help to conscripts return to their loved ones.

Oh how sad Robertson is he didn’t make PM and he only gets little shots at it when the PM is away.

Lying about Luxon’s stance on the Roe v Wade nonsense wont get you any favour. And regardless of your sexual preferences Grant, a good finance minister is a good finance minister, which you are definitely not.

Buckle up Robbo you are in for a rocky ride with your deluded economic decisions. It’s Easy to spend other peoples money so I guess they get to call you out on your bad decisions.

Gives out the Croatian easily but not so good at taking it.

Shouldn’t he be isolating with the influenza he forgot to get immunised for anyway.

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