NZ’s Carnation Revolution

I am not a violent person by nature, but I hear tales of righteous indignation of MP fleeing voters and MP’s expressing outright surprise as voter vent their frustration at what is (academically the least qualified) and fast becoming the worst/most incompetent government in history.

As an avid part-time history author I have gone to great lengths to compare the worst vices of the current clown circus with dictators in history. I thought while comparing the ‘problem’ in history is one thing, does history also give us a solution.

Yes it might and not using the obvious, violence and social unrest of traditional revolution. But how about non-traditional revolution.

Portugal in the 1973-1974 period held what is known in history as the ‘carnation’ revolution. The president was left in a room passing laws and the population simply ignored the government and got on with it. Every time the police or army got a bit fractious they were simply pelted with carnations.

This is exactly what we need here we just lock them in the Beehive, ignore them and open up and get on with things (see our proposed freedom day). Make sure you break the so called laws in large numbers and if the cops or army show up, pelt them with flowers


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