NZ’s Dirtiest Political Secret

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This article written in 2000 provides an interesting piece of history not known by many today. The 1986 Constitution Act was brought in by David Lange’s Labour government without a mandate from the NZ people. It transferred NZ’s sovereignty from the British Crown to the NZ Parliament. It appears this could now have come to the attention of those who see an advantage in noting that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by Maori giving allegiance to the British Crown, NOT to the NZ Parliament. It also illustrates the unchallengeable power our present government has to pass any law changes required by the proposed WEF Great Reset.

Up until 1986……New Zealand was still a British colony, owing full allegiance to the British Crown. But in 1986 there was a sovereignty transfer. It should have gone to the people, but in a curious overnight law change, the New Zealand Parliament, comprising both Labour and National, declared itself sovereign.
In other words, while we were sleeping, there was a revolution and New Zealand politicians crowned themselves King, effectively providing themselves with unlimited and unchallengeable powers to regulate the lives of the voters.<<

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