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Interesting week in NZ


This week I offered a CA candidate a fulltime position, Salary 95K.  She is currently living in emergency accommodation with her mildly disabled child,  in every way he is normal but has a slightly deformed hand ( truly sad for him – but a nice kid – she brought him to the interview).    She declined the job because at 95K she would lose her emergency housing and have to take a pay cut before, (note before) having to allow for the increased rent. (now that is punching the gummint donut)


Had to go the Head Masters office when my soon, in a discussion around global warming pointed out  “…there is no such thing as global warming in NZ.  Can’t be with all the snowflakes we have in this country. (2 day suspension.  Was 1 day but he muttered ‘snowflake’ as the sentence was being passed) 


Gummint admitted yesterday that, in recognition of the ‘bullying’ prevalent in parliament, they were having difficulty training and changing the attitudes of their own staffers and they did not know what to do?  No real surprise there, but good for their Karma that they are starting to admit that after 5 years they don’t know what they are doing  


Interesting the responses from Labour about Uffy’s historical bullying case (that ‘victim’ got an apology and then went to the press – he needs a slap – ooops already had one).  Remember Labour did nothing about their own incumbent bully (except ignore him and them send him to represent NZ overseas – good choice)  Lest we forget their own staffer who sexually interfered with punters at their youth camp.  I hear the Woke Brigade are going to make the word ‘Hypocrite’ hate speech (ok JMSU – ‘jus’ making sh*t up’ now)


If you read the subsequent articles about the culture at Private schools you realize Nationals PR people are a bit mentally limited.  I would have pulled the whole he was as much a victim of the system as his victim was and he is so so sorry and he is getting help for all the issues this has raised (true or not, a missed chance to Woke themselves up a bit  for the ‘snowflake’ vote)   Perhaps not helping I that  Uffy looks a bit like Reinhard Heydrich and Luxton looks like Darth Vader (Annikan Skywalker – when he first took his mask off) 


Remember as we approach the next election National is not much different to Labour,  same stance on Ukraine, similar acceptance of all the climate change crap,  would have been harder on us re the Covid crap, opened the door for the Maori party to engage with the UN on indigenous affairs, and then actually published a tax policies that was clearly inflationary. 


Finally the Anti Russia (about to egg on your face) petition arrived in Wellington yesterday.  Just as Amnesty International have pointed out Ukraine are as guilty of war crimes and all round ‘bad behavior’  as Russia. 



As I say an Interesting week

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