Occam’s Razor and the Origin of COVID

Global leaders and science experts have continued to question the results of a World Health Organization investigation into the origins of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, with even the WHO director himself signalling that although investigators dismissed the theory that the virus originally leaked from a Chinese state-run lab, the hypothesis “requires further investigation.”

Gee I wonder why?

Lets look at what we know

  • The Virus seems to have originated from Wuhan
  • The Origin is very close to a Virology Laboratory
  • The laboratory was known to have an abundance of poorly trained staff
  • The laboratory was studying CORONA viruses and the ability of it to jump species i.e. Bats to Humans
  • The laboritory was storing virus samples from minors who caught a virus that had identical symptoms to COVID-19 suspected to be caught from bat excrement.

A WHO investigation concluded earlier this year that it was “extremely unlikely” that the virus had leaked from that laboratory, but questions have swirled around the efficacy of the probe itself. The international team conducting it wasn’t allowed into China until more than a year after the virus first arose there.

What is interesting is the U.S. were funding the study into corona viruses ability to jump from Bats to Humans. but thats a different rabbit hole.

supplementary rundown of the team’s investigations at the lab indicates that the team spent just one day at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The rundown discusses the possibility of a lab-leak origin under a header titled “conspiracy theories.” 

Occam’s Razor is a simple theory – in the absence of certainty choose the most obvious and simple explanation.

The team’s findings were met with skepticism from the leaders of multiple major countries. In a joint statement, over a dozen countries, including the U.S., Japan, Australia, Korea and the U.K., indicated dissatisfaction with the team’s approach. 

We will probably never know the true extent of what is going on with this virus. The conspiracy theories will grow in the absence of any open and transparent investigation into what went on. This should be of no surprise to anyone. The Pandemic has been a plethora of cluster fucks from day one.

There is Face Masks, rushed vaccinations, removal of freedom and the destruction of civil societies around the world for something that 95% of the population need a test to even know if they have it.

I am now waiting for a vaccination to come out to protect us against the affects of climate change.

Then the transition to Idiocracy will be completed

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