Oh the Irony

For years the deep state and Democrats have been scouring the underbelly of Trump, his family and businesses.

Trying to dig up dirt, $40 million alone spent on the Russia hoax. Then dodgy impeachment’s followed the anticlimax of the Mueller report, and now the New York AG finally got their hands on the “Holy Grail” tax returns.

Having sifted through Trumps tax filings what have they found.

Some suspicious Fringe Benefit transactions. how ironic

So they are going to launch criminal charges for suspected school fees being paid for the CFO of the Trump business and maybe some rents paid for staff.

Seriously? Fringe Benefit Tax on the business is all they have come up with.

All these tax payer funded witch-hunts that go nowhere, find nothing and net a few of Trumps allies scalps for process crimes. And yet still half the population of the USA and 90% of the trump derangement syndrome suffering creatures internationally, think Trump is the super villain of the world.

Meanwhile no one is interested in illegal email servers, uranium deals with Russia, strange dealings with the Ukraine, sleeping with Chinese spies and all sorts of other sell-out deals with foreign interests.

Perhaps Trump has a few dodgy deals in his past but I’ll wager they pale in comparison to what many of his predecessors, on both sides of the isle, have been up to.

Funny how Trump went into politics and his net worth decreased while all the others go into politics with next to nothing and leave (if they ever do) multi millionaires.

They certainly don’t do it on the income of a public servant. It seems that they all become millionaires from book deals. Yeah right have you seen the Biden’s books?

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