Oh you poor deluded quack


On the latest Siousxie Says media publication. Siouxsie thinks we can beat Omicron.

“If we can stop people spreading the virus, then we can stop Omicron. And the more we do to stop transmission, the quicker it will be over.”

All we need to do is get more jabs then ban those with jabs from going to places where you need to be jabbed to go.

With logic like that I wouldn’t be expecting any breakthroughs with her research into a replacement for Penicillin. Best we can hope for is a luminescent new hair colour even more electric pink than her current shade.

Don’t worry Siouxsie, I’m sure you will still be invited to the next airing of “I’m a celebrity everyone look at me” regardless of whether the Omicron is as potentially dangerous and stoppable as you are claiming, or not.

But stopping Omicron by shutting down worked super well for Scotland didn’t it?

Real time data only counts when it suits the narrative though.

New Zealander of the year, that was so 2021 or was it 2020?

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