OIA Denied!

Apparently the details of Lorde’s miraculous MIQ win are not in the public interest. They even attached privacy waivers which I’m supposed to ask her to sign. Lorde publicly stated she got lucky, so how is it breaching her privacy to ask if this is legit or not?

May be an image of text that says "Your ΟΙΑ request [UNCLASSIFIED] Rebecca Woodmore <Rebecca. tomark@gtf.co.nz Inbox your Official Information request was transferred Yelich- We from unable (Lorde) Ministry Health Ifso, We orovide informatior you with information about not, January 2022, geta spot MIQ requested; 2hours Marija Please return two Y.- completed form lottery? not, howdi idshe get your address Ngã Rebecca without signed Privacy Waiver and accompanying MIQ? arliest opportunity an dvance our equest. Advisor Managed Isolation Quarantine fidentity from Ella Marija Lani elich- 'Connor herself."
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