Okay Ladies What’s it Going to Take?

The latest Roy Morgan pole shows that if it were only the men’s vote that counted, labour and Greens would be out with a 2% margin of victory to the National /Act team.

Slightly down from August but only by 1%. Still, it would be the end of this nonsense we have at the moment.

I’m not suggesting Act and a National combo would be great, but it has got to the point where anyone who can oust this current Government is okay by me.

So if the men are doing their bit, what are the ladies up to.?

34% majority in favour of a Labour/Green government.

WTF ladies? 84% of you think this lot are the best we can do?

What is it about the failures of this government that keeps you coming back for more exactly?

It’s got to be the men’s fault somewhere. Perhaps they are so used to their own husbands failing in everything, that the Labour and Greens have some sort of vague familiarity about them that keeps them coming back for more.

They say behind every great man is a great woman.

On that logic, behind every less than ordinary woman is a less than ordinary man.

And behind every less than ordinary Government is…

Do we need to start up a Wake Up Karen movement?

What more failures are you hoping to encourage. 3 waters? Gangs on every corner? Locked in your home and told your speech is hate speech if you get pissed off.

Come on ladies stop buying the Mary Poppins super callous fragile Marxist, she’s absolutely hopeless!


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