Omicron for Christmas

Soon the health bosses are going to be faced with a very curious decision to make, whether or not to invite Omicron in to New Zealand.

You can imagine how those that are immersed in the media induced fear will feel about that reality.

The virus we have have virtually stopped civilisation for, is now going to be given to us for Christmas., what the deuce?

The messaging will need to change of course, and a lot of this will be how the Twitchy Witch reacts to the memo from the health advisors – that it’s time to release the corona virus among the peasants .

So far in South Africa 90% of cases haven’t required oxygen and are simply considered incidental cases. If this trend continues, with a few exceptions, people will simply be treated at home.

With an R factor of 2.5 it will start to spread very quickly with a doubling every 2 days.

Symptoms are mild to moderate flu like symptoms, blocked or runny nose, headache, scratchy or sore throat.

There is still a chance that this isn’t the friendly version we are hoping for, but signs are looking better with every day that goes by.

If there was a version for us to get this winter the Omicron would be far more preferential than our Delta outbreak if the trend continues.

So who is going to deliver that message to Ardern? It would spell the end of the need for vaccine passports, the end of the traffic light system and thankfully, the end of dissing of those those who haven’t bought into the joys of participating in an experimental gene therapy palmed off as a vaccine.

Vaccines will remain available for those that want it and as they improve, people will be less resistant to them over time – with the exceptions of hard core antivaxxers and those that really don’t like needles.

The funny thing is I doubt this idea will be liked by many. We are living in a world where we have a weird variety of Stockholm Syndrome. Where people like this world of COVID induced control, they like the changes they have had to make and they get some weird pleasure from the division it has caused.

How easily will people remove the useless masks, will they be able to pick up the phone to their friends and relatives who have been dissed for not daring take the Jab. How will those conversations go with siblings uninvited to annual Christmas get together. And believe me there are plenty of those around.

I dare say there will be many permanent scars from this episode in time and I still think there is unfinished business for those elites in the likes of the WEF, big Pharma and megalomaniacs like Gates and Soros.

This is a billion dollar industry and many are heavily invested in this. Unfortunately we have seen the ugly underbelly of capitalism and the irony is most on the far left haven’t even noticed. Rather than using it as a platform to point out how capitalism has failed us, they sang its praises from the rooftops.

If banks post a $ billion in profits it’s evil, when a big pharma company makes 100’s of billions it’s all fairy dust and unicorns.

So, if this is a globalist strategy to roll out our digital ID’s, then we will see the same fear based forced societal changes we are seeing at the moment.

The way to do this would be to go back to the flattening of the curve programme which would be easy to sell. With an R factor of 2.5 it could be that a lot of people get sick at the same time and put pressure on the health system. where have we heard that before? But this time it could be true.

Back to lock downs and wait your turn for your dose of the Omicron.

The death rate is not zero from the Omicron either.

In the earlier variants, for every hospitalisation 23% didn’t make it. Which is a very high casualty rate. This is amplified by the fact a higher amount of infections ended up in hospital.

The Omicron has a 6.6% fatality rate of a much lower hospitalisation rate. No children have perished however a couple of deaths in the 20 to 30 age group.

Could this be the end of the pandemic with Omicron providing a natural vaccination?

Let’s hope so. We sure do live in interesting times.

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