Omicron, the Flu, Flurona and the epidemiology conundrum.

While hoards of Karen’s troll the critical worker, that is “DJ Dimension,” for being an Omicron carrier in the community, the fortunate DJ happens to be in the know (as in who you know) and will avoid any punishment for his brazen abuse of our MIQ protocols.

Ironically some epidemiologists might be thanking him for sneaking a dose of the O into the community given the data continues to confirm that Omicron is better than the Delta for the general public.

This isn’t like comparing the Atkins diet to Jenny Craig either. This is rapidly becoming a no brainer, delaying letting the Omicron in is now very likely only exposes kiwi’s to more harm.

We know the “vaccines” don’t stop Delta, and the large percentage of the unvaccinated are only going to get Delta if Omicron isn’t allowed to replace this previous variant.

  • Omicron is way less virulent
  • More transmissible
  • If you have had Omicron you are protected against Delta

It is basically a version of the common cold that kills the COVID disease, never before have so many something to look forward to in a snotty nose..

We better be quick too before we are subjected to the FLURONA.

That’s right, the flu has teamed up with the Corona virus to give the fear monger’s some more ammo. In Israel a woman with mild conditions presented with the combined virus. however it is unclear if this is anything to be concerned about

Flurona has been able to become a thing due to the re-emergence of the Flu, remember that thing no one cared about up till 2020 when it disappeared and left in its place the tricky virus. So tricky it tricked us all into wearing masks.

Any way perhaps the Big Pharma companies can now get on with selling their historical virus vaccinations to those that are keen without them being mandated. I have had at least 10 booster shots so I should be good. But when you see many countries still clinging on to their ill-got powers, it may not be a mere 3 months till the end of this pandemic. It will be like the divorce from hell where the battle for the kids rages on for years.

So Sweden Navigated its way through the pandemic like Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and survived to end victorious. And for its good work it is now welcoming back the strongest Flu wave in 10 years. Just what they wanted for Christmas.

Israel is now seeing 10 times more flu patients that COVID patients

The interesting thing is the reason for there is more Flu cases, its because there is more testing.

So if there was more testing of Flu cases before the COVID-19 issue, and they published the infections and anyone who died whilst testing positive to the Flu – would it be any different to the last 2 years.

here a clue as to how that might pan out. in the USA in 2018/19 there was an estimated 29 million Flu illnesses, 13 million Flu related medical visits, 380,000 flu related hospitalisations and 28,000 deaths.

all that without the surveillance testing they have been doing with the RONA. Given the flu will not make it to the death certificate if death occurred from something like pneumonia pnumonia or if they had the flu and died of say a gun shot wound. what would the numbers be if you wanted to pump up the jam.

In the 2020/21 flu season that runs from October till May there were 26,484,000 positive tests for the RONA, about 3 million less cases than the estimated pervious flu season.


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