Omicron Update

Was it sent to save us?

When I first heard of Omicron I happened to tune in to Dr John Campbell and his informative talks on all things COVID. He is about as balanced commentary you can get from a very pro vaccine chap.

So, as we know, most people like to focus on the negative side of things. “99.9% survival rate for most,” doesn’t seem to make a headline, where 5,200,000 deaths grabs peoples attention. You will never see a headline such as, “Over 236,000,000 have recovered from COVID.” And lets not get started on what % of the 5.2 million really died from COVID. its 17% but who’s counting.

So while the media are supercharged to tell us about how contagious Omicron is and how it could mean a whole new rethink of how we deal with the virus, there is one reality that could be something to celebrate. This will be fact checked, cancelled and rubbished by anyone in the media who are on the take from the Pharma giants. But, if it is true that this variant is very virile and also very mild in its infection, then the world needs to open up and have the biggest chickenpox party ever.

Nothing says herd immunity more that a rapidly transmitted mild dose of covid.

So far this is what we know of the Omicron. It is virile and it is mild. This of course may change, both in reality and what the media tells us. But the signs are positive that this could be the one to catch. As always consult with your medical practitioner before purposefully catching COVID.

The news is not all good though, as for those that have taken the vaccine, this variant could quite easily set off Antigen Dependency Enhancement (ADE).

Someone who cought it, I believe in Israel, is thrice jabbed and still got a dose. Obviously the vaccine is not stopping this one, but as for ADE…

ADE has been the big fear of vaccine manufacturers. In simple terms what happens with ADE is the virus works out how to use your immune system to supercharge its own ability to replicate itself. This is the virus using your vaccine stimulated RNA to build back better. Which would be very unfortunate, but again not if it was only mild symtoms. Crowd goes wild!

Many will say this is preposterous! why would we purposefully give ourselves the RONA? That is suicide. Well my fury little friends, this is potentially the variant that saves the world from something that 99.9% will……survive….. anyway…if….. it….. wasn’t….. for the variant that saved 99.9%

Well it will save some, and I can promise you one thing, it won’t have the same effect that the vaccine is having on the health of many young people, athletes etc.

We can all get on as one again and you don’t have to throw rotten tomatoes at the dirty unvaccinated people.

eeeeew unvaccinated people I feel so dirty. Oh really?

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