One for the Histroy (deliberate) Buks.

From the opening of the first Hairdressing Salon or Barber that enforces the vaccine mandate, NZ’s official policy is one of DISCRIMINATION.  (backed by the cops too and aunty Cindy said to give them a call – however you better check the cop is vaccinated, as it is statistically unlikely – ha ha ha ha ha ha  – sorry, this is so insane, I have to laugh at some of this stuff) 

WELL DONE NZ, this makes us literally no better than any tin-pot 3rd world dictatorship aspiring to achieve the heady heights of Soviet Stalinism or Nazi Germany.  All done today through the innocuous medium of a Hair Dresser or Barber giving a haircut (best way too- good work Cindy start small)  

I’d like to call this Black Thursday, or even an early start to Black Friday, but it seems to be lost on the Woke-tards that that is racist to Thursday and Friday.  (oh but this is fine because it’s legal to discriminate in NZ now –  silly me.)

In fact on behalf of my Aboriginal cousins, Black Thursday and Black Friday, I am off to find a complaint form from the Race Relations conciliator – as this hurts my feelings, but on their behalf (is that woke-tard enough?  Being offended for cousins I just made up)

By the way I don’t give a rats nut it you have had one, two, three or 21 vaccinations, overseas evidence tells us, that as vaccinated people mingle they will infect each other at exactly the same rates as any mathematical set or subset of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

World data already tells us this is now a pandemic of the vaccinated, who because they were dumb (or self-righteous) and believed everything they were told, now simply can’t face being WRONG (eh David Seymour),  they can now only blame the unvaccinated.    

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