With all the hullabaloo surrounding the announcement to add kids to the jab-list here in NZ, the conflicting advice from the W.H.O., and the shocking trial information contained in the updated Medsafe datasheet, we thought we’d put together a wee infographic for you all to share. It’s designed to inject a little perspective into the situation surrounding RISK (that’s the kind of injection we can get behind). What does the data say? What risk do our children actually face from the virus? From life itself? From the experimental injection? Note: at this early stage it’s impossible to know what the risks for children are from the jab, based on the safety signals being monitored, as we A) are only following 660 kids (in the vx arm of the study, 12-15 year olds). B) don’t have enough time up our sleeves to understand medium to long term risk. What we do know is that just months into this circus we are already seeing the CDC acknowledge serious issues with young men and teens and heart inflammation. What else do we have to look forward to? And for those promoting the “do it for your elderly and/or vulnerable family/whānau”, we need to bear in mind that such a request is asking our children to assume all the risk for very little (if any) personal benefit. The claims are referenced on the pic so that it can be easily saved and SHARED. You know what to do!

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P.S. we KNOW the (SARS-CoV-2) virus isn’t called COVID (that’s the disease), but we know this info needs to be seen and understood by the average parent who may not beaware of the finer details.

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