Opening Statement on the case of Voter Impropriety

There is a lot of info on the press release which is over an hour long, watch below.

the interesting take on some of the info is as follows

So the Election, and who takes power of the USA now hinges on the credibility of the evidence of Rudi  Giuliani’s team and how accepting the relevant Judges are of the case that is being presented by the legal team.

They have a number of actions which include

  1. Impropriety of authenticating mail in ballots
  2. Restricting observers doing their job
  3. Voter coercion
  4. Counting software manipulation

The Press release today was dubbed the opening statement of the legal proceedings.

The most outlandish claim is the voter counting tampering through the software used on the counting machines.

The important info stems from the fact vote counting stopped late at night when it appeared that Trump had won.

Suddenly Biden was in front and this triggered a military officer to identify that the same vote software companies had done the same thing in Venezuela to ensure Hugo Chavez victory.

The Software has the facility to manipulate the votes. The plan probably would have worked had it not been for the sheer volume of Trump votes received on November 3, this meant that they had to shut down the counting to re calibrate the tally.

This was partially achieved by bringing in hurriedly filled out ballots into certain areas.

The evidence is interesting, but I would imagine could be difficult to prove.

The players

Democrat Party

Dominion Voting Systems


Multiple Affidavits

The States that are in question are Nevada, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, probably Arizona and potentially Virginia.

The interesting claim today was to do with the owners and location of the Smartmatic and dominion companies and how the voting system came into existence.

The birth of the Smartmatic voting software is from when Hugo Chavez witnessed a constitutional referendum not go his way in Venezuela. He did not want a repeat of voting not going his way and had a computer company create a system which would give him control of the outcome. This system became the Smartmatic system.

The ownership of Smartmatic is hidden, they are not USA based and the system allows several ways of manipulating votes such as flipping votes from one candidate to another, or you to assign a value to each vote, e.g. assign a value of 1.25 to Biden and 0.75 to Trump. This then will allow one party to win with a greater score of votes. The system relies on the prior knowledge of how many votes one can expect for it to work with 100% guarantee.

What happened in the USA election is far more Trump votes were occurring than what was expected, so the voting machines that were still going to end up with Biden finishing behind were stopped to be re calibrated and late night vote dumps were put in.

This would explain the sudden jump in Biden votes, but this is obviously not the only thing that could explain the jump, so evidence here is critical.

Dominion Voting systems executives or employees have apparently come forward to spill the beans. The offices have mysteriously disappeared from the office they sublet off a George Soros entity and no one can be reached for comment.

One of the heads of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown who is very closely linked to George Soros. The organisations also are linked to the Clinton Foundations.

The counting was done in servers in Spain with back up servers in Germany.

I have to say that if this all stacks up it will be quite the news story and would finish of a crazy year quite well.

In my Humble opinion the things that are fishy and back up this story are.

  1. The secrecy of counting the mail in ballots in the contested areas. Observers were kept out of observable distance
  2. The sudden jump in Biden Votes
  3. The stopping of counting in certain areas
  4. Counties having more votes than voters
  5. The fact that republicans did very well in House and Senate votes that bucked the polls, but Trump did not
  6. The fact that the democrats predicted it
  7. The fact that Biden said that they had the most sophisticated electoral fraud system in play
  8. The fact a lot of the late mail in ballots only had a vote for presidency and not a senator
  9. The fact that Democrats were questioning using Dominion voting machines in 2019 due to their ability to easily be hacked and manipulated

What does not back up the story

  1. It is a large load of hearsay that could likely get countered by the people in charge of the election counting facilities when it gets in front of a judge
  2. The large number of people that would need to be in on it
  3. The fact that there may not be enough fraud to change the election
  4. The fact a large amount of the evidence is based on statistical anomalies which whilst may raise eyebrows would be almost inadmissible as conclusive evidence

We shall soon see how these cases that the Giuliani team is bringing to the Courts will go. It will be very interesting that is for sure

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