Our best protection are the things we now know don’t work

In what can only be called deja vu, our so called health experts are bringing news like it is a new revelation and hasn’t been some of the first knowledge we had about the virus.

One News leading article on the Corona virus that has been with us for 28 months is “Real concern’ older age groups more affected in Omicron wave”


It is like the old boy at the pub that tells the same jokes every week while sipping his lion Rec.

In what is probably the real reason for the articl, it is claimed this is occurring because of mask wearing not being adhered to. Yep let’s blame the non complicit regardless of what the studies tell us.

“Dr Bryan Betty told Breakfast thanks to a reduction in mask use and given it’s winter, the virus is starting to move into the older age groups “where we tend to see the most vulnerable in our population affected in hospitalisations and death”

It is not a few studies, but dozens that conclude that mask wearing makes zero difference. We have so much data dating back decades beyond the onset of this latest respiratory virus to know masks are not of any protection. Yet the sudden decline in mask wearing is now to be blamed for the highly contagious virus effecting the age group that was always at risk?

Our second form of defence against the virus is taking more of the the same, not so safe, not so effective vaccine.

While doctors scratch their heads at all the “unprecedented onset of ailments since the vaccine roll out, they keep promoting the vaccine as the best line of defence. The best protection that now shows is increasing your chances of hospitalisation.

The latest study on real life data shows the higher the vaccination rates the higher the hospitalisation.

More scratching of heads no doubt.


The comparison of the 5 most vaccinated states versus the 5 least vaccinated states.

“it also shows that the old (who are most highly vaxxed and boosted) are seeing greater rise in incidence of hospitalization than the young who are less so. combine that with the high vaxx/low vaxx divergence and the signal here really starts to pop.”

But all we can do is sound like a broken record while the health officials ignore the festering elephant in the room.

Once again, unless the odds are against you, do not take untested medications.

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