Our “leading” epidemiologist strikes again.

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Don’t worry that we are at the back of the queue for vaccines, other countries need them more than us according to our polyepiconomist Prof Michael Baker.

I dare say he is wearing his political hat today.

I am guessing Baker is confident we won’t have a MIQ leakage and get a super springbok bug before the vaccine is rolled out.

It would be nice that our health advisors didn’t wear political hats , but I guess that is what we have come to expect with the way politics now rules every aspect of our lives.

A more honest answer would be, be thankful we are at the back of the queue because we are all taking part in a huge experiment. So, let as many other countries play laboratory rats with their people before unleashing a new experimental drug on us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for vaccinations when they are used for good reason. But when you see the same political spin that politicians use in other areas of contentious issues, one has to wonder just how much we are being played by the powers that be.

Baker left medical school not to become a Dr. He became a political advisor from the moment he could hang his degree on the wall of his office.

He is decorated for the work he has done, but it seems (like many of our advisors) it is all about building their own profile rather than providing honest advice.

We know a community break out is only one late night bottle of wine away from a horny MIQ worker and detainee. So logically speaking, if you were 100% confident of the vaccine, you would be screaming to have it jabbed in the arms of your citizens.

I would hazard a guess that Baker has no idea about the technology of this mRNA vaccine. He is likely so far out of his depth that he can only wear a politician smile and grow his brand when the complicit media seek his “expert” opinion.

All the while 99% of us who catch the virus survive without the jab.

What are the real fully qualified epidemiologists and virologists saying?

We may never know

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