Our military experts severely miscalculated and no amount of propaganda and disinformation can cover that mistake up from anyone who’s been paying attention.

No that isn’t the Russian’s making an admission.

Whilst Putin probably underestimated many aspects of what would result of his Ukraine invasion. It would seem the competence of the NATO intelligence personnel made a far larger assumption of the capabilities of the Russian MoD.

Interesting article on this assumption linked below

It seems that we are waiting for the final push in Mariupol.

Ukraine’s top ground troops are known to be be holding out in a steel works factory in the largely flattened city.

Russia has about 90% of the city under control and is likely giving Ukraine a last chance to negotiate before the battle to end all battles ensues.

Regardless of who you think is right or support in this conflict. Delaying the negotiations or outright refusing Russias demands is now what is pushing casualties higher.

Up to 80,000 Ukraine army personnel are seemingly out of food, out of fuel and out of ammo. They wait for the outcome of the negotiations.

The flight part of “fight or flight” is not an option. Surrender is likely not on their minds, so we wait and see if one of the largest battles in modern times is about to occur.

This will spell the end of the Ukraine resistance. It may however only be the beginning of something bigger.

The UK is urging Zelensky to fight on. Why would they do that exactly?

It seems some NATO countries are itching for WW III.

The big question is, apart from the drive of the globalists power over every Nation, what else is so important for this invasion to risk the potential use of Nukes?.

Something is rotten in the state of Ukraine.

The more the West pushes for escalation, the more rotten it smells.

While Biden is bathing neck deep in the contents of the laptop from hell. The incompetence of NATO members is on full display.

They are working off intelligence that may be suited to a 1991 Russia. They are working of geopolitical belief that when the West says jump, all the developing nations say how high?

Putin has shown the EU and it’s big brother Uncle Sam that global dominance is not a right reserved for the Western Bloc. And while the media is doing a great job in painting Putin as a deranged tyrant hell bent on grabbing back the Russia of old. It is the West that now must decide on how to keep up appearances.

We can only be thankful that Hitler met with sounder minds than Putin currently is.

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