Pandemic of the vaccinated

The weekly NHS surveillance report is changing and it’s not in favour of the vaccinated.

Report linked below

The level of transmission is now clearly predominantly via the vaccinated.

Well over 80% of infections are from the vaccinated in the over 18 age groups.

But we are being told it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Hospitals are full of both vaccinated and vaccinated people but far more vaccinated. Somehow a figure got thrown into the universe that 98 % of hospitalisation are unvaccinated. This English case report shows only about one third of hospitalisations are the unvaccinated.

There will be those that justify this by saying that there are more vaccinated people so that why but this argument is a cop-out for a couple of reasons.

Some things you just can’t compare

Once someone has had the vaccination you will never know what their reaction to the virus would have been if they were not vaccinated. The immune system is made up of many differing systems and with the body relying on the spike protein trigger from the vaccine, if it is too far removed from the new variant, it will be ineffective but will also likely be suppressing the other natural immune reactions to an infection.

So there is a probability that many of the vaccinated infections that appear on the report above, would have had a very different response if they didn’t respond to the spike protein that the vaccine provided.

Vaccines are meant to stop infection

Many people say that these vaccinations were never meant to stop transmission. I call BS on that claim. That is now a realisation and not done purposefully.

Can you imagine a large pharmaceutical company pitching that they will create a vaccine that still lets you catch the virus, pass on the virus and die from the virus?

The hope was a vaccine would be created that helped get us to herd immunity and stopped the virus in its tracks. The fact that epidemiologists have recently changed their tune from promoting herd immunity, to now saying that we will need to live with it gives away what their real expectations were. Unless you live in NZ of course, the likes of Michael Baker probably still think we can eliminate it. That reminds me to make a Tui’s yeah right meme.

Deaths are still in favour of the vaccinated. Again the same arguments apply to the statistics here too. You cant compare the vaccinated to themselves as an unvaccinated person because only one of them exists. Apart from the ones in the table below who have unfortunately ceased to.

This is an evolving situation and each week these figures come out, you start to see trends.

At the moment the trend shows that vaccine passports and treating the unvaccinated as the ones to watch out for is complete rubbish.

Regardless of the proportions, there are more vaccinated people passing on the virus than anyone else. And that is the big takeaway from this report.

With the numbers above, you can bet that the percentage will increase on the side of vaccinated hospitalisation and deaths.

There is only one way of knowing the person sitting next to you is not infectious and that is by testing. Your vaccination status means nothing anymore.

The author of the report makes some speculations and justifications as to why the numbers are higher for the vaccinated infections however, they don’t really make much sense.

One claim is that the vaccinated might get tested more as they are more health conscious. Only flaw in that argument is the unvaccinated must get tested if they want to do anything.

Send to your local labour MP and ask why are the unvaccinated treated as the enemy.

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