Parliaments Bully (updated)

How long can Ardern protect the sitting duck that is Trevor Mallard.

The revelation that Mallard sent a threatening letter to a staffer he had previously defamed, after realising the allegation was wrong, surely has mallard plucked.

“Bullying and harassment are not acceptable in any workplace. It’s important that people at Parliament feel respected, safe, and supported each day coming to work,”

Trevor Mallard 27 November 2018

Surely those words are going to come back now to haunt Mallard.

Whilst using tax payer funds to continue a legal battle that he already knew he was on the wrong side of things, it is even more ironic that mallard was the one who ordered an investigation into bullying in parliament.

After realising he was wrong he sent a message to the parliamentary staffer that Mallard accused of being a rapist.

The message was a clear threat, saying that if the staffer continued litigation that he would ruin his reputation by saying the allegations were true.

How can the house have confidence in Mallard now.

The Tax Payers Union want to take out an add to request Mallard pay back the $331,000 cost to the tax payer for this intercession

you can chip in at the link below.

here is the add they want to run

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