Pathway for Trump not through SCOTUS

The refusal of hearing the Texas case against the various swing states is a clear sign from the judges that they do not want to get involved in this battle.

This apparently leaves the lower courts and the legislators as Trumps only area of fighting this fight.

It is clear that Judges are increasingly snubbing taking cases and whilst there are still cases to be heard and being heard, but there was a strong signal from the SCOTUS that they are not interested.

Today the electors vote on who the next president will be and whilst this may make many think it is all over for Trump, this is merely entering now avenues for the Trump team and it isn’t over until inauguration takes place.

There are still cases making their way to SCOTUS and the lack of Standing excuse can only be used so many times, particularly if Biden is officially named President elect today.

There are some big areas of news coming out about China, and the Biden’s involvement with “access” provided to the VP for cash.

A bit like the Clinton Foundation was rumoured to be a pay to play fund, Hunter Biden was the conduit to pay to play with Joe.

This story isn’t going away and unlike Trumps collusion with Russia accusation, there is fingerprints all over this cookie jar.

One thing is for sure this election is still going to have some twists in it yet and if the intell that is coming from some of the far corners of the internet. Then we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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