Pay-back’s a bitch!

Trump for speaker of the house.?

This is actually quite a realistic opportunity for Trump.

He was the most popular Republican as a President and is still flying high in his popularity.

So let’s say he did make his way into the Speaker of the house with a more loyal set of house lawmakers around him.

The reality of Republicans winning the house back is very high. Assuming the elections are run fair and square of course.

It is very easy to conceive that Trump would be able to use his popularity to get a spot as a house Republican and get elected to speaker of the house.

He is still working hard on replacing RINO’s to get a more favourable group of Republican representatives in both the lower and upper house.

Even if he isn’t overly qualified for the job as lawmaker he is still able to sit.

What would likely happen if this all falls into place for Trump is even more interesting.

Could he impeach Biden and Harris on the back of some sketchy election Audit results in the swing states?

Or just have them removed if the audits show it was actually Trump that won the 2020 election?

In this scenario of both the POTUS and VP being removed, the speaker of the house being number three in the pecking order, would become the ….Presidential the United States of America.

This is of course quite a series of events but it is not by any means a stretch of the imagination.

Trump has made it clear that revenge is one of his MO’s and this would be a dish served up at many temperatures if he pulled it off.

Just imagine it…

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