People who need to consider a new profession part 4

Auckland epidemiologist Rod Jackson urges New Zealanders to take Omicron seriously

Faced with the impending reality of fading into obscurity, epidemiologists like Rod Jackson try to keep the love affair with their media attention alive.

Spouting off statistics are as disingenuous as the need for vaccine mandates, Jackson is clutching at the dying embers of his significance with some interesting statistics.

Let’s break down his claims

“The standard thing I hear these days is ‘Oh this is just a mild condition, it’s like a mild flu’, and it’s just not true.”

Most people have not had a flu. They think they have but was realistically a bad cold. Jackson says that if you have the flu “you feel like you want to die.” And goes on to compare flu deaths to car accidents and suicides.

Why he uses this as an example of why it isn’t like a mild flu is anyones guess. But here is why, in what was the start of dropping restrictions in Europe, why Denmark have said the pandemic is over.

Cases have been increasing but “Because of falling ICU admissions and shorter hospital stays, he said, COVID is no longer a socially critical sickness in Denmark.”

That is Michael Bang Petersen one of the advisors to the Danish Government.

So rising case numbers but removal of all restrictions. Does this mean they need to take it more seriously as Jackson claims.?

Denmark have labelled the virus more like a cold as is no longer a threat to society. The three day moving average has Denmark registering over 38,000 new cases a day. But it’s not a threat

To put it in prospective, Denmark has had over 1.5 million people test positive this year. 1 week agaonthat had 25 people in icu and they have currently budgeted on requiring 180 beds to cater for this surge.

180 beds for 1.5 million infections, are they taking it seriously Rod?

Jackson continues to justify his comments by quoting the U.S. Death count. Claiming more people have died of omicron than Delta.

The obvious flaw here is not only is it not true on the raw data. But the death count is people who test positive to covid at time of death. More cases will naturally give you more death as many more people will die with it.

Let’s take the stats of people dying with COVID not from covid eh Rod, and see what picture that paints?

That is simply obfuscation at a level you expect from a politician not a epidemiologist.

He almost gets honest and says, “The high Omicron death rate in the US was because the variant was so contagious,” Jackson said.

Less people are dying from it Rod, more people are dying with it.

Yes some people will feel like they want to die because they will have a bigger infection than others, yes some people are more susceptible and will require hospitalisation but most will get a snotty nose, itchy throat or a headache. the biggest symptom at the moment is “no symptoms”

Many people pumped full of the fear porn will head straight to the hospital if they get tested and give a positive result. They won’t need to be at hospital but they think they are going to die so round up the family and head to the E.D.

I would love to see the stats of the current hospitalisations as to if they are sent home within 24 hours.

We won’t be given the info as just like Scotland and the USA’ CDC. They no longer want to publish the stats as they fear it will cause vaccine hesitancy.

Nothing like hiding the facts eh?

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