Peter Williams: Jacinda Ardern has insulted all of us

OPINION: Parliament was back for the first day after the school holidays on Tuesday and some of the carry-ons bordered on the unbelievable. 

How about Jacinda Ardern saying that the He Puapua report on the Indigenous Peoples Declaration shouldn’t have been released in case taxpayers didn’t understand it. The sheer arrogance of that statement is frankly breathtaking. Are we, as mere minions of this Labour government, just voters not to be trusted with a report that suggests a fundamental change to New Zealand society? 

How can she be allowed to get away with such an insult to the people of New Zealand? 

Make no mistake, the Labour Party is running scared on this. The Maori caucus is causing all sorts of issues and we’re seeing that in reports of a rift between Megan Woods as the Housing Minister and the Maori caucus which has been exposed for all to see in recent days. 

Ardern knows that the contents of He Puapua are a potential death knell for her government if enacted. That’s why she tried to hide it, has tried to shut down discussion on the issue, and is now resorting to insults on our intelligence.

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