Pfizer Bombshell Document Released!!!

As ordered by the courts the FDA must release the data it based it’s EUA for the Pfizer shot.

The FDA requested that they are able to release 500 documents per month which would mean it would take 55 years to disclose all of the 330,000 pages of information. the first 90 pages have been released and it only took till about 30 pages for some serious concerns to be raised

We start with the first release of 30+ pages on AE including death. How this product wasn’t taken off the shelve within the first month is beyond me! 1227 deaths by February reported. These are Pfizer and FDA documents.

Looking at the amount of AE’s recorded for the 42,000+ is jaw dropping. Whats worse, out of the recorded AE about 1:37 is death. That is isane!

The FDA admits these are shonky recorded AE that are considered above mild. There was so much more that wasn’t released.

PDF Pfizer data report Feb 2021

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