Pfizermectin has arrived

Surprise, surprise Pfizer has reinvented Ivermectin. They have created a new molecule that does the same as the ivermectin one. Because it is a new molecule it can be patented even though it acts exactly the same way as Ivermectin.

Pfizer said they were even shocked at how well it treat patients for the virus with an astounding 90% efficacy rate.

Ivermectin costs 6 cents, we don’t know the price for Pfizers version yet however, it will likely be well above $1,000 USD and possibly over $3,000. Because it is a new patent they can charge what they want.

Funny how big Pharma works isn’t it?

Here is an explanation, in almost Leyman terms, with the proof that the two operate in an identical way which serves to show why India and Japan have used Ivermectin with great response.

Waking up yet?

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