Phil Goff eh…

Always found Phil Goff to be an odious socialist Twat.

Being a long standing friend of Helen Clark the two of them are part of what went wrong with the Labour Party.

Anyway I digress, I Received this email from auckland ratepayers alliance today.

Worth a read

Dear Carl,

I’m going to level with you. I’m emailing to ask for your support.With the Super City plunged into yet another Level 3 lockdown, we are already hearing Councillors trying to argue that this justifies more increases to rates.

It’s time Mayor Phil Goff and his colleagues faced the reality that this pandemic isn’t going away. Auckland can almost certainly expect to go through multiple lockdowns during 2021, and businesses and households will continue to get hit. Aucklanders are making sacrifices. We say the Council should too.

Help us fight back against rate hikes and wasteful spending.

In the coming weeks, Auckland Council will be consulting on its 10-year budget. Right now, Mr Goff wants to lock in yet another “one-off” five percent increase to your rates, while Watercare is proposing to double your water bill over the next decade (that’s $100 per month in extra water charges for every Auckland household!).

I don’t know about you, Carl, but I am tired of politicians going unchallenged in this current economic environment. Instead of the Council crying poverty while itpays more than 2,800 staff salaries higher than $100,000, and forging ahead with gold-plated cycleway projects and nice-to-haves, it should be cutting back on low priority spending and reprioritising the money.

In addition to my volunteer time, I’ve just made my annual contribution to the Ratepayers’ Alliance of $500. I know a lot of Aucklanders can’t match me, so I’m asking you to chip in what you can to afford to fight the Council digging deeper into our pockets, and mounting an ever increasing debt burden onto our children.

Link to donate page below

Without your support, the only accountability of Phil Goff will be from his cheerleaders like Simon Wilson who think bigger is better when it comes to Auckland Council – even during a global pandemic.

Thank you for your support fighting for Reasonable Rates, Sensible Spending in our Super City.Jo Holmes

Jo Holmes

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