Planet B Media needs your help!

Big Tech censorship means that people who spread info that the big wigs don’t want you to see ot hear get silenced.

We are feeling the full effects of this censorship.

On Facebook we are on so many warnings we are now being told we are at risk of being de-published and even our own website doesn’t suit some of the tech overlords like Google.

the image below is a Duck Duck Go search which has us at the top of the search when looking for an artcle we published a short while ago

we don’t even appear on 21 pages of google results for the same search “the first climate denier” tryit and see for yourself.

So apart from showing that Duck Duck Go is a far better search engine, what does this mean?

Does it mean we have been wiped off the internet by google?

Obviously not as by adding Planet b to the search we at least make it to page 1.

So how can you help? I hear you ask.

Easy, share our stories with your friends family and social networks. comment on our website and start discussions on the material you see. Share our jokes and tell your colleagues about the most independent News Network available in NZ that you have discovered.

Planet B Media has no political affiliation, we are not connected to any special interest groups or lobbyists organisations. We just take the time to peel away the bullshit that the modern media journo’s seem to have forgotten how to do.

We do this in our spare time as we too have families to feed, so do your bit if you like our news and share the shit out of it.

Thanking you in advance!

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